Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Monumental Highway

In 1917, Dolph Andrus and William Hopkins set out to log a road between Bluff in southeastern Utah and St George. Their trip took them through the heart of Monument Valley. Many roads today follow closely to the motor path they pioneered. This design highlights Monument valley, while remembering their contribution to tourism in the West.

This picture was taken just off Highway 163 in the Valley.

The final rendering, of course, features them in their motor carriage, a 1916 Maxwell Roadster.

Domain of the Dinosaurs

Dinosaur National Monument is a paradise for young imaginations. Gazing at the wall of bones is an amazing trip back in time to a land of monumental movie-like monsters. It is for this reason I wanted to dramatize a young boy's experience while gazing up at a skeleton of one of the most prominent dinosaurs found at the monument, the Allosaurus.

My son seems to think the skeleton on display in Quarry Hall is after him. I had to explain that the meat-eating creature was indeed extinct.

The drawing I did for the poster seem less threatening somehow.

So, instead of cowering before the creature, the young boy featured is, instead, impressed and excited by the almost mythical.

Dead Horse Point

I am slightly behind on posting new art. Dead Horse Point was finished a while ago, but here is a reference photo I took and the finished product anyway for your viewing pleasure: